September 19, 2017

How big is your God?  Are you limiting your life by not knowing that there is Abundance of Spirit everywhere always?  I recently participated in a class at Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas that included a writing assignment where we were asked to describe the biggest God we could think of.  In affirmative prayer, this is called the recognition statement.  It's the launchpad for the prayer. 


I invite you to think about this question in the upcoming days.  It can make the greatest difference in how you view your own 'bigness'!







This is my BIG GOD...


To traverse this planet is to explore all that God is.  The majesty and beauty of all of creation are the manifestation of Spirit.  Each blade of grass, grain of sand or drop of rain is a Divine idea with purpose.

The mountains are the result of a violent creative energy that pushed them toward the sky.  The Power behind this evolution is the Power of God. 


Millions of years in the making and unfolding in new ways with the passing of every second, this Power is of absolute Supply. Each is different and unique. Every tree is an idea, every rock a manifestation. This is boundless and perpetual creation. 


Much like the mountains, the oceans hold the power of the Universe.  Constantly moving, expanding and contracting there is intensity and direction in the waves.  Life of all sizes is supported in this microcosm of creation.  Each unique and beautiful, Spirit moves as the life of the seas move. Each shoreline is touched with Divine Intention and purpose.


The deserts are alive with Abundance.  The vastness and presence of God is as infinite as the grains of sand.  Life here is lived in Harmony… heat with cold, dry with wet, light with dark.  Unity is present here.  The symbiotic relationships are tranquil as life unfolds perfectly.   


Peace is present in the forests.  Wisdom fills the air with every thought and every intention ever made.  This is a place of Divine light.  Growth is embraced and Spirit is seen in every tree and the moss-covered floor, the scent of wildness and the feeling of warm contentment. 


The sun resides at the center of this solar system.  The energy that pulses through the universe is as the Love that God is.  It is infinite and bright.  Love permeates and multiplies.  Love is Love as Love in Love.

Joy is in the flowers and the bright blue skies, Peace is in the trees and the rivers as they sustain life with their rich, opulent bounties, all existence on this planet is Balance and Harmony and Unity.  Abundance lies within and as every form of creation, Clarity is found in nature as all actions and all things are manifest with purpose and intention. 


There is nowhere on this planet or anywhere that is not God in place.  Perfection and brilliant wholeness are as far as the eye can see and beyond. 


Wisdom is among the stars.  The energy and omnipotence of Spirit is every atom, each single particle exists as the whole, there is no empty space between things… it is all Godmatter.  In this Universe and Multiverse, everything present everywhere always is Creative Intelligence.  Perpetual growth and expansion are the Divine Right Action. 


Evolution is God knowing.  


And so it is.

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