Lunchtime Zen

This program consists of six weekly thirty-minute sessions that are centered on releasing stress and quieting the mind.  This program is designed to assist employees in gaining new understandings about why they do what they do and how they can lead a more positive daily life. 


There is an abundance of research which has helped to define what this program philosophy is and how it can benefit both employees and employers. 


This employee centered program is about:

  • integrating calming practices in the workplace that lead to an environment of greater good for everyone

  • helping employees find time to center themselves in an effort to refocus their thoughts and performance with relation to their respective job function.

  • caring for the well-being of managers and team members

  • showing the way that managers, team members and customers can benefit from a more positive overall attitude


Each week is centered around a different theme:

  • Week 1 - Breath

  • Week 2 - Body

  • Week 3 - Mind

  • Week 4 - Release

  • Week 5 - Balance

  • Week 6 - Soar!

This type of activity is holistic, integral and can help foster inclusion, diversity, compassion and personal well-being. Call or email today for more information and to schedule Lunchtime Zen for your team at lunchtime or anytime!

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