A typical practitioner session lasts about an hour.  During this time of open discussion you may gain insight into what is holding you back, uncover fears and find ways to forgive.  We recognize together that you have the Power to change your life and a Practitioner Session opens doors and allows the power of the Divine to light the way. The session also includes affirmative prayer and spritual practice such as meditation or visioning. Practitioner sessions are available in person or by phone.

How can I assist you?


Sometimes is it difficult to see the spiritual truth when challenges or events show up in your life. As a Spiritual Practitioner, I am available to meet with you to discuss what's happened, to be present with you, and to help you to see the Divine Pattern that is at work in all life. Talking things through in this way can be part of the healing process. Often, with this dialogue, you are able to begin to clear away any doubt or confusion to see the Spiritual Truth of all that is before you.

What is affirmative prayer?


This type of prayer affirms that God is all there is, that we are one with God and that all that God is is ours/us.  This differs from some traditional prayer as we do not ask for things or for things to change.  We know that all is done as we believe and the Divine presence of Spirit is everywhere and in every thing.   There is a Law that always says 'Yes' to our words.  Affirmative prayer brings your spiritual truth into physical form.

What happens in a practitioner session?


I will meet with you at a mutually decided on location or at the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas or by phone. The session will last about an hour.  I'll begin by explaining how the session works, discuss fees and answer any questions.  Everything that happens in this session is confidential. 

We will begin with an opening prayer, or invocation, then I will ask you what you would like to talk about. As you tell your story, I will ask you questions to help you uncover anything that may be inhibiting your growth or to explore the situation in a deeper way. I do not give advice but will assist you in your own journey to uncover your spiritual truth, that will in turn, promote healing.

Part of the session will be dedicated to Science of Mind SpIritual Principles and showing how they are at work in your life. This includes exploring spiritual practice, such as meditation or visioning.  These can be very helpful in your everyday journey.  At the conclusion of the session, I will share an affirmative prayer. 

"But we are born to be happy, to be abundantly supplied with every good thing, to have fun in living, to consciously unite with the Divine Power that is around us and within us, and to grow and expand forever."
         ~ Ernest Holmes

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